Thursday, 11 September 2008

Before and After!

Before the implant there were some things I can't do, and now I can and loving it...

I thought i'll list the TOP 5 improvements

*Before I have been implanted I couldn't :

- hear people voices/ not even my own voice.
- listen to music
- use the phone
- hear alot of everyday sounds.
- do things on my own without an interpreter!

* After I have been activated I can:

-Hear people voices and of course hear mine too
- listen to music on my ipod
- use the phone (a little bit)
-hear alot of everyday sound " It gets better and better"
- go to some places without an interpreter " I went to speech therapy yesterday without an interpreter, woop"

so, that how much I have improved so far in 5 months and still learning.

so, a tips for new implantee:

"Keep wearing it as the more you wear it the better it gets, and don't give up!"

That what i got told from other implantees and I tried my best to keep it on and look where I am now. :-D Trust me you'll love it one day!


Charlotte said...

Well done Katie,

Thank god today went better than i thought...

C x

Laura's medical journey said...

Ace tips katie! keep it on you'll be hearing as well as me soon.... haha

i only ever take my CI off for a bath or sleeping! Its stuck on me now hehe xxxx

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Super duper, Katie-Louise!

So glad you are doing so well. I loved your before and after lists. And great advice!

I looked up tongue twisters for you. You're welcome. You can try this one for when we go to Disneyland next summer.

"Surely Sylvia swims!" shrieked Sammy, surprised.
"Someone should show Sylvia some strokes so she shall not sink."

Jennifer ;-D

Abbie said...

I'm glad ya listened to us :) You really reap the benefits later!