Monday, 1 September 2008

Haven Hoilday!

Ever since I were little, my family and I always take a week camping at one of the British Haven Hoilday campsite.

Haven hoilday is a site for all ages but do have alot of activities throughout the day and of course entertainment during the evening. When I were little I used to take part in all the activites with my brother and sister such as football, basketball, treasure hunt that they have set up. I had no problem with all that as I knew what to do.

The only problem I had was the evening entertainment which had shows like Rory the Tiger and his zoo mates. I've always been a fan of Rory the Tiger when I were little and used to love watching him every time went. The only thing was that I wasn't able to hear him and it was all visual. I used to get picked to go on stage and take part in some of the activities but

when I were on stage I used to be quite and I didn't understand what to do untill my mum or any other of my family realise thatI was on stage. They used to come up and explain to the funstars that i'm deaf and my mum or my sister used to come on stage with me and interpet what they say. That the only way I could take part.

Now I've had this Cochlear Implant I went to one of his shows because we had a small menber of my family was with me that wanted to see Rory .

That evening I just sat there watching rory and able to hear him and could understand some word that he say, even though his lips not move. I was so happy that I could hear him which I have never been able to. I even brought his Cd which had loads of songs that was he often played such as the Tiger Club theme. (there apicture of me watching his show)

The next morning I ended up playing it and followed the lyric which was written at the back on the Cd case. The 2nd night we went back to watch another of his shows and guess what. I was able to understand the full lyrics that he played which was brilliant. After that the show ended it moved on to a funstars dance which I took part in and of course the adult game show which was a quiz, I was able to hear some of the question but did had to ask my mum for some help a bit

Not only there was an evenining entertainment, there was a beach there and it the first time for me to be able to hear the british "SEA" The waves were brillant. it did sounded low but I heard it. It wasn't just me that had fun listening to the sea. My 8 month old dog, Oscar enjoyed it too. It was his first time on the beach and he loved ever minute of it. We did have a hard time getting him clean again because he had long hair. ( here me on the beach drawing BIONIC in the sand)


Laurie said...

Doesn't the sea sound wonderful? Glad you got to hear it! Sounds like you had a great trip to the beach!

Laura J said...

The ocean is great isnt it?? The crashing of the waves! For me as im used to it, when its all blustery, its all you can hear! But its brill, its not often you get to hear the ocean when you dont live near it!! Glad you had a good time! x

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...


I am so touched that you were able to hear so much at the Haven Holiday entertainment...AND understand a lot of it!

What a great therapy technique to listen to the music with the lyrics!

Go Katie-Louise!

Jennifer 8-)