Wednesday, 24 September 2008

First week at University!

My first week at university has been great! Even though it's only Wednesday and still not yet completed my first week. It's just soooooooo different. It's big and yeah, there is loads and loads of people! I can't belive we'd our first homework already!

When I first went into my class and met the rest of my course mates. Everyone seems nice but I was a bit uncomfortable while i were in the lesson, because alot of my classmates were staring at it as if they don't know what it is or they haven't seen it before. I do like to wear my hair up in sports and yep, I wore the implant where everyone could see it.

So, after two days in university. Yesterday, we had a study skill session and our homework was to make a small presentation about any topic we like! I ended up making a small presentation about my Cochlear implant and explain to the rest of my class what it was and why I got it! Today I did the presentation out to the class and it went well. It did make me feel alot better as they all now know what it is and there were less staring. So, that one peice off my mind.

Anyway, Since i've passed my test. I have now got a car (Vaxuhall Corsa) and I've learnt a few sounds while I were driving round to places:

* Horn - I pressed it on purposes to hear it. :-P
* The window wipers.
* The engine running.
* Sirens (ambulance)
* The Radio but didn't understand a word , lol but loved my music on :D

So, it's good to listen to more NEW things

Another good news, last week I went to Pride Park for a presentation for the 2008 East Midlands Sports Award. At the sports award I won 'Sportwomen of the year award ' for my commitment, motivation and performance during my football talent. which was great :-D

So, that's it for me now. I'm off to my 3rd speech therapy session tomorrow which i'll be posting a new update on that and on the 2nd Oct I'm due for my 6months mapping. :-D


Laura's medical journey said...

Congrats on your award!! Glad uni is going good and you made people aware or your cochlear implant!! I don't really get any Qs because I always wear my hair down anyway! I should really wear it up more!!! Also good luck with your speech therapy and your 6monh mapping!

Abbie said...

I just can't believe that it is six months already! You are doing fantastic :)

With all the hard work that you do, I can't think of a more deserving person to receive that award!

Charlotte said...

Wicked, well done for surviving the first few days of Uni. I suppose you are too busy with homeworks to go on the msn! I miss our chats. And good luck with your 6 month! I had my one month today and it went very well.


Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Sportswoman of the Year! Wow! That's terrific! Good for you for choosing to do your presentation on your CI. And neat car!! Great that you are identifying car sounds. :-)

BTW, we loved your video of the lighted piano keys and you playing "Happy Birthday." We bought a keyboard for Amanda with the same feature. I copy-catted you and posted a video clip of Amanda playing the great September song, "Jingle Bells."

Oh! And we scheduled a tour of Advanced Bionics for October 24th. AB has scheduled an interpreter for Amanda and are saving a handicapped parking place for our wheelchair accessible van for Joseph.

At Disneyland next summer you can build up a repertoire of Disney sounds.

Jennifer :-)