Monday, 1 September 2008

Deaf Camp Got Talents

After spending a week at Golden Sands. Every summer in Augest I do some volenteer work as a staff at Deaf Camp at Mablethorpe which is not far from where Golden Sands is. This year is my 3rd year.

At mablethorpe deaf camp they have 28 deaf children from all over the UK that are mild - profoundly Deaf at the age 6-14years. 7 of them were Cochlear Implant users plus there were me, Richard and lizze as staff too.

I spent a week organising games, sporting activties for them during week and of course take them out and visit different places.

This year was the first time I went with a Cochlear Implant. The past 2 years I either wore my H-aids or don't wear them at all. Untill this year with my implant I can't belive how noisey those deaf children ARE! I do remenber some of the hearing staff last year saying SHHH to some of the child. That time I didn't realise how noisey they were. This year I ended up saying "shhh" to them myself. I can't belive how much noise they make, all Icould hear was screaming, banging, etc. The good thing is, I didn't take the implant off while they were very noise!

Not only it was noise, the last day at camp there was a party and they had Deaf camp got talent. All staff have to do an act and of course some of the children did too. My friend Lizzie another C.I users (freedom) who has been implant at the age of 10 at the nottingham implant centre too came up with hip hop dance which we had to perform to the 3 evil judges and of course this kids.

The dance was great, Lizzie taught me how to do them because she had more experince in following music. which was a great achievement for me. So, check out these small pictures clip of us dancing and of course what we wore too. (sorry some of the are not clear) I'm in the red and lizzie wearing a black top!


Laura J said...

Do you know what song you were dancing to? :)

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

We dance to T-pain (low) If you look on my playlist its there!