Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I got caught!

On the first week of my summer hoilday with my family, the weather hasn't been so good.

One afternoon, I went to take my dog out, Oscar. That afternoon it poured it down with rain and it was very windy. so I ended up taking my umberella with me because I didn't fancy getting wet.

When I took him out I was trying to control both of them at the same time by holding the umberella in one hand and oscar lead in the other. It didn't work very well because oscar is so young and not yet fully trained, he does like to pull and of course go in any direction.

So, it was hard to control both because the wind kept pulling my umberella and of course the coil keeps sticking to the umberella pole too.

so, guess what. I got caught by Richard and he recorded it. I thought i'll post up a video and share it with you all, then i'm going to think of a way to get my own back on Ricahrd :-D

have fun watching the video

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Laura's medical journey said...

hehe great choice of song katie! :) i get that same problem when your coil sticks to the umberella so i stick with coat hoods instead! :) sorry the weather was bad but you look like you had loadsa fun!