Saturday, 6 September 2008

The Best C.I moment!

It's nearly 5 months since i've had the Cochlear Implant. I can't belive how quick it has gone. I've learnt alot over the past 5 months and everyday the sounds just gets better and better. I've worked so hard on my listening skills. After working so hard I've decide to try something that I have never been able to do before, is to talk to my grandad over the phone.

My grandad lives in Scarbrough which is about 3 hours away from where we live. So, every weekend my grandad and my parents take it in turn to ring each other up

Every time he rings he always get a chance to talk to my little hearing brother and sister.
The only problem was, I coudn't talk to him over the phone because I couldn't hear what he will say, the only way I could talk to him if my mum was to interpet what he says..

Somehow today, while my grandad was on the phone to my brother. I asked my mum if I could try using the phone to see if I could hear grandad and talk to my grandad by myself.

So, there mum on the phone again talking to grandad saying " Katie-Louise would like to talk to you" When she pass the phone over to me.

I held the phone right up to my ears where the microphone is and said "Hello Grandad" My grandad then said "hello" back. When he said hello, I could hear him but it was a bit quiet so my mum raise the volume on the telephone. He said "hello" again, this time I could hear alot better now the volume turn up. While I was talking to my Grandad my mum was next to the phone just incase I didn't understand what he says.

So during our convonsation grandad was asking me some small question, like "how are you, what have you been upto, have I been training hard in football, How's the Cochlear Implant and am I looking forward to Universtiy etc." While I was talking to him I was able to understand some of the question he said, my mum only help me a little bit.

I felt so happy that I was to be able to talk to grandad most of the time by myself, It was a big acheivement for me and it all I ever wanted to do.

My grandad got so emotional because he was so happy to talk to me over the phone for the very first time, he was he pleased that I used my voice becaue everytime I see him I tend to switch off and use sign language as I wasn't that confident in using it, but now i'm alot confident I did well.

My grandad hasn't seen me yet with the cochlear implant, but he has been looking up on my blogs seening how i am getting on and of course talking to me on MSN. So, i'm looking forward to talk to him on the phone next week and my next target is to try and talk to my other grandad in wales, but this time I will ring him up as a Suprise!

so, that's it for me now, better get to the gym and do my workout!

speak soon x


Laura's medical journey said...

aw i bet you were both really emotional at this point because its a big step forward isnt it?! :) one of the good points of having a cochlear implant! Im sure your granddad in wales will be gobsmacked to hear you calling him up! :D let me know how it goes! x

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Wow! That's terrific Katie-Louise! Congratulations on being able to converse over the telephone with your grandad! Let us know what happens with your other grandad in Wales when you ring him up!

Jennifer :-D

Charlotte said...

Katie thats is wonderful. It brought tears in my eyes... I am so desperate to call my parents!!!

Keep it up girl!

C xxx

Abbie said...

Oh Katie! You just brought tears to my eyes! :) This is a shining moment, the moment of the year! :) Aren't you glad you listened to the lot of us hehe :)