Sunday, 7 September 2008

Camp America

Can't you belive how fast this year Summer Hoildays has gone, mind you - UK didn't have a very good summer due to the weather, it has been raining almost everyday and this summer it looks like we have only had a week of sunshine.

Well, now summer is over - I've already made my plans for next year and booked it.

Next year I will be jetting of with one of my C.I friend to USA for 12 weeks. While we are there we will be working for 9 weeks at one of the camps (not yet decided which camp) as a "counsellors" (nothing to do with psychology, psychiatry or therapy of any description) I will have to ensure that the kids get to enjoy all their activity sessions safely and of course take part in many activities.

This camp should be an amazing experince for me. I'm doing it to increase my confidence in working with more people, gain more expeince in working with children ready for my future job.

The last 3 weeks, me and my friend will be going on a misson to go round some parts of USA to :

*Visit different places in USA
*see what American lifestyle is like
* See what the female soccer is like
* found out about the USA Deaf Culture
* Meet some C.I users (if they not hiding from me)
* Visit and take a tour at Advanced Bionic (hopefully)

"so, implantee in USA watch out for me, I might bite!" :-P

Right now, I am going to learn "ASL" even though I do know the odd signs, I am going to buy a book with ASL handshapes for me to learn with my friend before we set off there. When I come back from america, hopefully I won't be getting mixed up with ASL n BSL!

Anyway, as I mention in my last post about a surprised phone call, I've decided to leave it for now and ring him on Christmas Day to make it extra specail. I can't belive it ain't long till I gotta start my xmas shopping. Christmas is good, but shopping can be HARD WORK when you don't know what to buy for your family and friends.


Laura's medical journey said...

Sounds like a good opportunity for you katie!!I'm sure your grand dad will love the suprirse Xmas call! I hate shopping for xmas presents too! its so much eaiser if u just ask what they want so they dont get something they done want! haha x

Kim said...

WOW!! That's so cool that you are participating in Camp America!!

If you are n the Dallas Texas area let us know!!! We would love to meet you!!

Also if you are in the Northern Los Angeles area - let us know and try to take a tour of AB!! It's awesome


Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

Hi Kim,

Sure, It be good to meet up. We are hoping to meet people over there!

so, you'll have to post me your e-mail so I could e-mail you to the nearest time and it would be great to visit AB too


Jennifer Bruno Conde said...


Count me and Amanda in too! We've never been to Advanced Bionics Corporation either. I just looked it up and it is only 73.39 miles from home. 1 hr. and 17 minutes!

If we don't get there before next summer we'd love to take a tour with you!

In any case let us know your plans for this area!



Charlotte said...

Can i come??

Anonymous said...

awesomeness! I'll be with katie by then, it'd be lovely to meet you all, if we have the time we would try and go as many places as we could.

Really looking forward to it! :-D

Kara x

Laurie said...

You'll have to let me know if you will be near Tennessee. . . especially in June! HLAA has their annual convention in Nashville and it is GREAT! Many CI bloggers will be there!

Jennifer said...

Amen to what Laurie said! If you're anywhere near Tennessee I want to meet you!! :)

gocampamerica said...

Top post. I look forward to reading more. Cheers
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