Sunday, 20 April 2008

1 day before going in Hospital (Packing)

Right, here I am packing small things ready for tomorrow. it looks like i'm taking the kitchen sink here, I'm so fussy on what to bring. I keep putting things in my bag then I decided I don't need that. What am I like eh!

So, all packed here! Today I'm off to see all my football team mates before I set off to Nottingham tomorrow! since i won't be seening them for a short while. Gonna miss playing matches and training with them!

Just gonna be weird not to do Sports for the next 2 week or so (gonna miss that, i'm so active and love doing things)

anyway, getting so nervous here! Bit scared about the needles, thats the main fear but i'm looking forward to comming home on wednesday :-D

*keep checking for new update on how the operation went*

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Elaine CI journey said...

Good luck Katie, hope all goes well with the op and that you recover OK. As you're so fit, I can see that you'll recover from it fine. Enjoy being pampered! :-)