Monday, 21 April 2008

I haven't got a bed! is the operation still going ahead?

I got up at half 7 this morning because couldn't sleep that much as I was to busy thinking about the surgery etc

About 10 past 8 not long after i woke up my mum had a phone call saying that QMC phoned her, the ward I suppose to be on are 5 bed shorts, here me thinking it going to be cancelled.

They said they were short and I'm unable to come in, so my mum asked if the op still going ahead tomorrow morning. Since they looked on the timetable on who having the op - my surgery is set for the afternoon. So the ladies who phone said she will ring back in a few hours.

about half 11 she rang again she said I will have to come in for a pre-op then go back home after, we was ok with that as we only live about 40 minutes away! so going for a pre-op at half 3pm today.

but still then, they ain't sure if there a bed free tomorrow, which making me thinking negitive that it is going to be cancelled (I really hope if doesn't) So now i gotta wait and my mum will have to ring them at 7 in the morning.

to be continued.......

*fingers cross there is a bed!*

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