Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Can You Hear Me?

First day back at college today. Had a good day but i was so nervous in going back - I was more worried if someone bang into me and then ended up hurting me where the implant area is.

Everyone was so glad to see me back - weird alot of them say "can you hear me" I was like, eh, what you on about? Then they all then say, thought you would be able to hear again after the operation.

Here me explaining to them.....I can't hear untill i receive the external device. Some of them was like ahhhh I understand.. some didn't quite get it. Even my own lecture who did the register called my name out ,expecting me to look up at them and say " yes sir!"

So, at dinner time I ended up going to the libaray going on the internet and get a print out of information about cochlear implant. It made it easier for them to read the information off the booklet than me explaining it to them. (finally they understood)

I was quite funny day though, I had some stupid questions, like - If i put this copper towards your head would it stick on your head, would ur head stick to the fridage? Can you put other magnet towards your head too? I was like argh... err.... NO!!!!....

Hopefully they'll all understand even more better when I receive the proper implant itself!

Weird today i have a stactic shock off my treadmill today - didn't hurt or anything but it did half make me jump.

soo.....20 days till switch on ...grrr ... that is a long time!


Abbie said...

LOL!! Oh man this brings back so many memories. I was bombarded with questions after I had the surgery. I hate to tell you but it will get worse after activation. Everyone will be like:

Can you hear?

Can you hear 100%?

When will you be able to hear?

No matter how hard I tried to explain myself how things work it never sunk in. :)

My speech went a little something like this. I just told them that its a long process, I get the surgery to have a computer inserted in my ear. Then I recoup for couple weeks and I go back so they can power up the implant with a piece that looks like a hearing aid. It's not instantaneous because my brain has to learn how to hear with a computer and it takes a while and several adjustments. It will never be a 100% but it will be much more then what I had before.

Then you watch their faces go:

"wow, technology is amazing."

"Oh, ok!"

Hasn't failed yet :)

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

lol haha nice one.

had another day with loads of question, suppose i better get used to it.

Mind you, I should try what you just said. Hopefully they'll get it.

read your article, it brilliant :) 19days for activation, woop!!!

David said...

I am cheering as I read this!
I'm so glad I discovered you!
Keep us posted. I am 5 days post activation!

Cyborg Queen said...


When I went for my first consultation appointment, I only had to wait a week for surgery (yeah I know crazy). Then I had to wait a month for activation day...it felt like ages. The waiting game was a bit unbearable at times.

I wish you best of luck!! Remember, take it easy...the world IS loud. :-)