Sunday, 27 April 2008

6 Days After Surgery

it's been 6 days since i've had the operation. finally i got to wash my hair - can't belive how small the scar is, it healing so nicely and it's almost invisable.

Today it's a new week, hopefully i'll be having an activation date letter (i'm nervous and excited).

I'm currently looking out at for the postman right now, he normally comes any time between 11- 12:30pm

Still, i'm unsure weather I should go college tomorrow or not. It will be a week tomorrow since i've had the operation. I do feel alot better not in pain but should I have another week off college or?
here the invisable scar.


Abbie said...

Wow! That is seriously a tiny scar! I remember one of the best feelings in the world was washing my hair, but I had to wait 8 days. Talk about being a crabby Abbie :) I was out driving around in 6 days but running a marathon, no...

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

Hi Abby,

It is a tiny scar, quite shocked to see others. I mean ur sugery quite different to mine.

Oooo glad you manage to do things quicker. I've just got back to training :-D light joggin as i reali need get ma fitness back becuase of the soccer etc. but seening more people recovering quicker is great :D