Friday, 25 April 2008

The Big Operation!

Since I had no bed the day before my op, my mum phoned in again about 8ish that morning of the operation! Finally They had a bed... phew it's wasn't cancelled after all.

Arrived at the QMC about half 9am .. I was getting very nervous at the time. had this young nurse showing me where my chair was and where to put my over night things etc.

After waiting half an hour, the nurse came back with a wristband with my name and date of birth on. I was getting more nervous as she put it on. .... few minutes later she had to fill these forms in asking me loads of question about if i'm allergic to anythin etc

About half 12 my surgeon came to me with these operation cloting on. It freaked me out as i thought it was time to go down for the operation. He only came to ask me a few question and again explain the risk of the op and to draw on my face with an arrow pointing to the ear that was going to be implanted. Well.... he only drawed it on because i was worried if i woke up with the implant in the wrong ear! He then told me to get in the clothes what they have given me... the operation was suppose to start at half one...

1:15pm the nurse walked me down to therate room. ... I was really nervous so my mum came with me. Waited on this bed in this room that was full of kiddies things too ( I'm in disney world) This guy called Dominic then checked my name etc to prove it was me.... it's me alright... lol

he got these sticky round things on my chest and my arm and this heart monitor thing on my finger.... now it was time for them to knock me out asleep... here comes the laughing gas "that what they said it was" that was it out out..... ZZZZZZZZZ

about 4 ish I remenber waking up and the nurse asking if i was ok, if i was in any pain at all.... can't remenber what i said back i think i must of fell back to sleep. Not long afterwards i woked up again she asked me to "smile" so i smiled... think she was checking my facial movement.

about 5ish i arrive on the ward, I was feeling so horrible it was like a hang over! I felt like someone has hit me on ma head that made me so dizzy and every time I sat up I was feeling so sick!
4 hours later I then had something to eat, couldn't really eat anything my tongue had this funny sensation and my jaw was in pain so only had a little bit of yoghurt and fell back to sleep. My mum and Richard went home about 8ish to let me get some more sleep. Since they were gone i was sleeping on and off and couldn't sleep properly because the lights were one. About half 11 .. Finally the lights were off and i manage to get some better sleep.

Half 6 in the morning, someone switched the light on ARGH it was so bright took me ages to open my eyes again. That morning didn't feel dizzy at all and manage to walk to the toilet by myself without any help. Still then, I couldn't eat my Ready Breck that they made me for breakfast so I just drank my orange juice. It didn't taste like orange juice to me :-(

2 hours later, my surgeon came to see me and took my head band thing off, he checked the scar he said it look fine and healing well. My head felt extra lighter after he took that off.

not long afterwards my mum arrived to see me. she could tell i was feeling alot better than i was yesterday. So i got changed into my own clothes and had a wash before I walked down for an xray.

went to the xray, it took forever..... they were trying to get a good picture for some reason, so i was on and off the xray bed... that made me dizzy a bit.

went back to the ward... had some dinner, it was fish cake, potatoes and carrots. It was horrible - didn't eat it.. only had one fish cake that was about it.

half way through my dinner while i were trying to eat it. The nurse came up to me to say that i need to go to ENT to see my surgoen again, obvouisly that was about the xray.

arrived at the ENT, which only took about 2 mins .... saw my surgeon again, he was happy and impress with my operation and said that they gotta a better result than they expected... they manage to fit 14 electros in as they thought they only could fit in 8.. so that was good new and he sent me a copy of the xray which looked cool.... (here the picture) sorry it not clear will upload a new one when he send me another one....

so that was it :-D i went home, I was so glad i did it and it wasn't to bad after all :-D

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