Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Switch On Date

finally, woohooo!

This Morning I woked up with 2 letters waiting for me to open! I knew I was waiting for the switch on date which my very first intial tuning is on the 19th May - arghh!! i'm nervous but i'm sooooo excited!

Also this letter showed me the other dates when I have to go back! These appointments are all with audio and of course speech therispt, not sure if hearing therispt included on all of the dates though, i'll soon found out when I get there!

1 day - 19th May
1 week - 28th May
1 Month - 2nd June

Anyway. another letter which I was bloody shocked about - a letter From THE FA (I play for England Deaf Ladies in football - soccer)

I'm actually speechless i got called up again. I didn't think i'll be selected for thoses mathces because I only just got back from a serious Ankle Injury 2 months ago. For those who don't know - I reptured all 3 ligaments in the ankle during a soccer game and had to have a reconstruction surgery which put me in cast for 9

I will be flying out for a friendly game against Germany on the 23rd may for 3 days, then i'm going to play in the World Deaf Cup - which i'll be staying in Greece for 3 weeks from the 25th June.

Told the Implant team - they said i must wear a Scrum hat because my sport is at high standard level (how embarassing)

I'm pleased about what news i received today ... Least i'll be wearing my implant in germany, so hopefully i'll get to hear those planes.

well that is it for me, 2 brilliant news in one day :-D I'm well over the mood!

anyway best to be off now, I'm going back to College today.

c ya x


Jennifer said...

Katie...YAHOO! I'm so glad you have your date!! I know you have to be excited!!
And I didn't know you played soccer...awesome! I'm jealous of all the traveling you'll be doing...you'll have to blog about it so we can imagine we're going along with ya! ;)!

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

Hey Jennifer,

Thanks - i'm so excited but nervous... just fed up with waiting now lol!

Yea i play alot of scoccer at an international level etc. I have travelled a quite alot :-D enjoying it but it is hard work.

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

but will promise to post up some stories about my journey with england too! :D

victor rogelio said...

Hi my name is victor , i am professional chef katie and i got to travel the world too . but the reason for what i am writing in your blog is because i have a small sister she is currently living i niagara falls ny she just got the nucleus freedom of cochlear you migth now better than me but can she play soccer whit the freedom ??if so please please give me back one message because she loves soccer she is currently the best soccer player of the higschool but she plays with regular hearing girls so we tougth that if she can uses the freedom as you do i think and there are no risk , welle we will try to get her a permition to used the machine in the field . thank you for your feed back.

and keep going foward.

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

Hello victor,

Your younger sister should be able to use the freedom in the field. There only a small risk, which there shouldn't be a problem. Myself wear the implant while training, and occasionally I wear it in matches too, not all the time because sometimes i like to concentrate by using my eyes more, if you know what i mean.?

If you look in the post, playing football with C.I you'll see that I wear the band over my head which goes over the wire to stop the implant falling to the ground. Maybe it worth trying that out.

Hope you sister continue to improve her skill in soccer. Myself love football and already being so young, I have repersented at a international level 4 times and have yet more to come.

please feel free to e-mail me any time, and I look forward to her more of your sister talent :-)