Friday, 18 April 2008

About Katie-Louise's

First of all, welcome to my blog.

I'm Katie-Louise,

I come from Derby - East Midlands (United Kingdom)

I was born profoundly Deaf in both ears, for that reason my dad Deaf and we have a strong genetic that is passed around the family, so that's why I become Deaf.

I was brought up using my voice and using British Sign Language. I wore hearing aids most of my entire life which helped me with my lip-reading and envouirement sounds.

I went to a mainstream school which had a Deaf Unit, so I was then brought up in both hearing and Deaf community. Throughout my school life I had to wear those Transmitters and had a communication support workers or a teacher of the Deaf which help me understood the lecture and kept up with the others.

However, when I was 7 I eventually lost all my hearing in my "left" ear, which I then have to cope with only one hearing aids. I didn't have much problems communicating with others with only one hearing aids as I was able to lip-read quite well and picked up most of the words that people were saying to me.

Over the years things started to get worst’s, when I moved to College studying sports and the time I were there I started to involved in working with more and more people as in groups and of course my football talents got bigger and ended up meeting loads of people and going to even more places.
Eventually I decided to have a talk with my Teacher of the Deaf who worked with me at school. Asking about if there anything I could do as I started to find things hard. He then talked to me about Cochlear Implant. Which I didn't think much of it first, until I decided to look up on the internet on what it does and how it help. Once I did a little research about the implant he then helped out writing a letter to my GP.
My GP then referred me to the Nottingham Cochlear Implant Team which only took about a month to get my first assessment date: June 21st 2007 at Ropewalk.

*Assessment stories to be continued on a new blog*

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