Saturday, 26 April 2008

4 Days After Surgery!

I feeling alot better now, the pain hasn't been to bad over the last few days. I manage to sleep well without waking up with any pain.

Each day the pain got less and I can now feel my ears as normal now. but still, there is some swelling but not as bad as it was before.

Still having problems eating, got this funny sensation on my tongue and still i'm waiting for it to go back to normal, who know's how long that would be.

I have never stayed in the house more than 3 days in my life, I haven't even step one foot outside yet :S well only the garden watching my lil puppy running around. That's about it.

I have college next week, still unsure weather to have another week off. I'm not over keen on staying in the house for another week, I have founded it way boring! there was hardly anything to do, everyone was working or at college.

Hopefully this weekend not to bad, everyone off and finally I shouldn't be that bored!

so, here's a new picture of the scar today, it's healing up well and still has the dressing on.

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